Human suffering part two

I decided to visit a old soul today

I took a while it was far away

I listened to the crowed streets

The smell of different colours

The smell of different feet

I got to the destination so full of crazy bodies running around

I had one thing in mind a gift to bring a spirit back alive

I got to the room when i realized this was so unhuman

Left there like a stranger i wacthed her and realized

The hospital system is like a war zone

They poke and change you with no can I may I

They treat you like a number and go home and pretend its alright

I wish the people could see what i see through my eyes

I wish for better care I wish they would treat her with better respect

I wondered home and asked myself is this the worst nightmare

I wonder why the world is so cold

I cant wait until she gets home

Bare women sitting beside me talking soul to soul

I wispered and she wispered back

We are just humans we all are alone

We all travel this boat

I cant believe it

I wont believe it

She is my new hero

Strong wemon on the earth

I am greatful give us birth

The End

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