Human on earth

Money was made bye you and I

The land we walked into creation 

Of man made things as we like to call mans creations

And toys and manipulations 

Money speaks through our eyes

Buying clothing and food to warm us 

The cold underground world of pearls 

Some use it for war some for plastic love

Some need food and roofs  over our heads and love

Healthy grounds to feed our children into balance

 Power to become empowered women calls us every day

Did money root of all of our problems really bring us what we all wanted everyday?

When i lie in my tomb they say she is dead mother earth to return she has bleed

Mother earth as a women and the Sun as father earth

Did everyone get a fair share of money before they parted the earth?

Trees are still listening through our forest and outside our homes 

Our nature so silent they are afraid for our land

Us humans we say humans 

covered in our beliefs

making the world called earth a human relief

while the earth bleeds and bleeds...

The End

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