Human Monsters

This came in a spell of sadness over the most horrible aspects of our race. Of all the savageries mankind has performed, murder has been the most burning upon our hearts...and souls.

Through the darkest nights we soundly sleep

While human monsters slyly creep

If we are to see them before they come

Then we must know where their evil is from.


Children vanish from their homes,

And go to a place where monsters roam

These beasts have not any horns or fangs,

But they crave the innocent, feel savage pangs.


They are deaf to reason, to love, to hope,

And care not how the victims cope

They are deaf to the sound when mothers weep,

While in the ground their young ones sleep.

Stalking among us, cold dark things,

Hearing only noise when the Judgment bell rings

Driven by need, an inhuman need,

They wait and watch for a change to feed.


Often they are never found,

These cowards slink like relentless hounds

Searching for life to take away,

But a day will come when they must pay.


Human monsters seek the weak,

Yet truly are the ones they seek

For deeds so vile, a price will be paid,

But the darkness within them may never fade.


When human monsters soundly sleep,

A voice calls out when its time to reap.


The End

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