Human Life

A poem telling about human folly and possible redemption, explained by....someone. Its up to your imagination who and what.


The whole world drifts on an aimless breeze.

If you walk on the ice you may just fall through

Don't stop, don't quit, just try to breathe

because you know that the others don't have a clue.

They see the light but refuse to come

They know the truth but ignore the signs

They feel our touch but do not take our hand.


People love to delude themselves, my dear

Its just part of who they are

but if they could only see what is truly an illusion

They would surely go so far

Creatures of habit roam this fallen world

creatures of malice and hate

but they can also be creatures of love

the moment they see their fate

Why am I explaining this to you?

Because I used to be one of them too

The only difference between the foolish ones and me

is that I myself chose to be free


Bound by chains, my dear.

They're bound by their own heavy chains.

And the oppression of others

the possession of fear.

But could they sprout their wings and fly?

Yes, but only if they TRY!


Its simple really, such an easy thing to understand

life for many could be so grand

Free will and consequence, bravery and doubt

all has its role in their broken land.


So don't weep, my dear, there is still hope yet

it isn't a lost cause, show no regret

we can anchor these lost birds and show them the way

so that peace to all will finally stay.

But it wont be easy

I never said that.

Remember when they thought the Earth was flat?

See, this is just like that

Only worse...

The violence and tyranny must come to an end

but you already know this, friend.

So let us help them to help themselves

before everything collapses...breaks....dies.





The End

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