I called him underneath  wonderful stars

that night everything stood still

like a calm river after a storm

I called him to me

like a the moon needs the Earth

he answered with such grace and compassion

his hands so soft and gentle

any women would be blessed

I called him near to my heart

he answered with such madness

women and men

so lost in a battle of power

I called him often

but he didnt see me

maybe we dont see eachother

in a light that is made for two

maybe its just an illusion

maybe i more than a women

maybe i am just a fool

 he takes care of life

and im just a fire child

he askes me to leave

i do so

I asked him to come to me

he refuses my warmth

he answers out of pitty

i am just a women

i wish for better days

but man wishes not  for me

hippys are week

and the machine is a beast

so i appreciate your rational mind

but without dreams we have nothing

i will continue to paint my dreams

and you will continue to be just you

and me just me

I asked him for the moon

he gave me a harsh reply

I asked him for respect

he still wonders why

i am just am women

with wonderful universal eyes

he just doesnt see me

i just dont see myself...

The End

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