Gleaming Silver

"The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body."

There is a tiny pink muscle that inhabits one's mouth.

It elongates L sounds, sweeps over chapped lips.

And some say that out of all human muscles, 

The one we use to taste and talk is strongest.

The strongest? Stronger than biceps or a heart?

There are many who argue that this statement isn't true

And before, she wouldn't have doubted it's falsity,

She believed them until she met you.

You were given a special kind of tongue,

With one whip, your tongue could kill her.

For yours isn't soft pink or light red,

Your tongue is a gleaming silver.

She is no match for you, the serpent

Melodious hisses slide off your forked tongue

You wrapped it around her skinny neck,

Like a thief at the gallows, she is hung.

Your tongue is a cold-blooded killer,

Setting out bait for your helpless prey

Each phrase you arrange to cut the deepest,

Every word selected to inflict the most pain.

She is completely blind to your manipulation,

Not wanting to admit every word you spit is a lie.

The human tongue may not be the strongest,

But it is the most powerful muscle of mankind.

The End

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