came our twin watchers

after the plants
and the sea and the sky
and the galaxies and milky ways
and the dirt and burning core

came the moon, with its pale face
staring out at the world, dented with
craters scattered across its white skin.
the moon was alone in the sky, 
surrounded by darkness, 
looming shadows of greater planets

and so the sun soon arrived,
burning bright and fierce,
it re-animated the corpse of the moon,
it threw out flames and i brought us
the most important thing we have - light.
it brought us light and sun.

but it is lonely for
a burning ball of fire
and a slow pale sphere,
so there were more.

after these giants,
these parents of a new generation,
there were stars. 
tiny little things compared to the
gargantuan might of their forefathers.

they were small nightlights 
in a world of darkness and shadows,
and yes, they were pint-sized,
but they were many and strong in numbers
so together, they spread out across the sky

and they covered the blanket of black
with tiny pinpricks of light - 
they were the children of the sun,
they were a new era for everyone. 

The End

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