the beginning - growth of plants

when the world was new,
there was nothing.

only the sea and the sky
only the galaxies and milky ways
only the dirt and burning core.

all was silent, all was still.
no children yelled in ecstasy,
no leaves swayed in the breeze,
no houses stretched along boulevards.

until, the plants began to emerge.
slowly, slowly, grass pushed up
through the soft, loose soil.
lethargic flowers began to rise,
mushrooms settled into place.

trees grew and grew, 
tiny saplings stretched out,
hidden by blades of green grass.
one day, they unfurled their true height
and towered over the others. 

they grew beside one another
until they were a forest,
strong and united.
they whispered secrets,
and they laughed in delight. 

The End

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