How Unfair the World Is - Stop the bullying

So yeah, I was bullied. This is but a grain of sand compared to all the feelings I still feel.


How unfair the world can be

Cause you can see

That nobody treats you as you

You begin to forget your self too

So you hug all the color that you can find

In hope to leave all the things behind

And you realize shadows never go away

You begin to remember all of those days


All of those days you were mistreated and hurt

The feeling of your very soul being burnt

And everything is, only colliding and thrashing

Nothing nolonger feels like advancing

Everybody seems to have given up on you

Actuallly you might, have given up too

You look to the future and see nothing there

Only the pain you once had to bare


All alone, you cry every night

Hoping that one day, somebody will give you light

Eventually you see that you can’t tell

You say that you’re happy, when everything is hell

You’d rather break a bone everyday than feel like this

But all you can deal with is the abyss

It roots in your mind, your heart, and soul

And only leaves a tear racing hole


And then they have audacity to say

You got to get over, so you pray

That someone will listen, if only

Yet here you are, still lonely

You write on a paper, all the feelings of you

In hope the pathetic object will help you through

But no one will listen, no one will HEAR!

Nothing affects them, not even your tear.


You scream and shout

And begin to doubt

If people around you still actually care

They seem to be gone, you don’t know where

Now you begin to see, how this is unfair

Because since they don’t know what you went through

They just say, “It’s easy, change your view.”



How would you know!?

Do you know how it feels like to be so low?

As if fake people are still hurting you?

When it still hurts to remember what you went through?


Now can you see?

How every night I cringed in fear

Every night checking if you all were still here


Because I didn’t tell because I love you all

And yet your feelings are still as solid as a wall

You thought I should know better

But I didn’t

I didn’t know better

So to this day I still hurt

I was trying to protect you…FROM FEELING THE SAME PAIN I WENT THROUGH!!!!!!!!!

The End

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