How to Write a Poem

An in-class, unedited Creative Writing activity.

How to Write a Poem

Hang your rejection up like a banner.
Take every "no" you've heard and turn
them into notes of a symphony.
Set your cup on all the poems
you've written that you hate, let them be
the dregs of coffee to wake you up
in the morning when you'd rather
cry over all the words you've laced
together that didn't sing to others.

Make those words a tapestry,
clothe your mind in them, don't
take them off before bed. Let them
drive you mad, let them drive you
to write again, something you believe
in, something that's worthy of scorn,
or applause, or both.

When you burn, I want the sparks
to be blue and white and red and grand
and fill up the whole room,
a poem of their own.

The End

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