How to survive today: DAY 1 - Saturday 30th November 2014Mature

I'd be glad if you try to figure out what am I talking about. So please share your own interpretation with me. This is the first day I started to write about, you may find it a bit cryptic but anyway it is based in the social experiences I lived that day and my opinion about it.

You can be right, but if you ever criticize something, make yourself a favor and please, don't put that something in your life.

Your thougts are not the only ones, you little Hitler.

He's wrong just because he doesn't like the green colour. (Green is not the only colour, you redneck)

If you ever meet a group of people, you'd better be on the list. So, if you arrive late to a date with that people and they're not around that place anymore, then it's your work to find them out of that place. If you were on the list, that group of people would be worried about finding you, but since you're not on the list they won't do anything to find you. So fuck you (maybe fuck lists I meant).

Seriously, everyone has its list. Are you there? If so, you can enter the club. If you're not you'd better get away like a dying hyena scaping. Even that's unconcious in people, it's on their minds. 

People might not be that bad, but they actually feed a list they don't even know they have. In simple words; if you were someone else but inside that list, all of the treatments you're given would be different under the same situations.

The End

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