How to Survive the Apocalypse

Crawl out of your fallout shelter into dawn - a rusted pipe is a perfect home

The night’s a meltdown, drips of grey-blue on pale lemon light over a landscape flat as rice-paper

Wish for an artist, a calligraphy pen dripping ink into the blank, a splatter made clean by idea – made beautiful by intention

When the sky is up, hide.

When the day dissolves into sunset and the pixels are dead, the L.E.D. lights are up, then you come out:

Around the rubble, not over it

Food is bad until proven good – throw a scrap to the ranges and see if another one dies.

Go back as soon as possible.

Silence will not protect you, and quiet doesn’t mean safe.

Keep a blanket handy and cover your feet.

Before the scavenger bands wake, crawl away from the green tattered blanket and out of the old sewage pipe, to catch a glimpse of a nuclear sunrise.

Looking is the only way you’ll stay sane

The End

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