4 steps

well im the best in the world
and if you want to be like me , the best in the world
read this

4 Steps to becoming the best

Rule 1 :  Being best in the world isn't easy I have to live up to expectations some people are born being the best , some work hours a day just to get praise on protagonize that's life 

Rule 2 : If your born the best like me and Jk Rowling you got to find what your good at ,when you have found what your good at your not just good at it your the best at it , that is step closer to becoming the best in the world 

Rule 3 : But some people like you reading  this aren't born being the best there is a easy solution around this . Ok lets say your like a 6-10 at writing stores you got to work endless hours a day just push it up to a 6.1-10, and reading about 3-4 books every week , if you do this for one whole year , you will go from a 6-10 to a 8.3-10. in about 4 years of doing this , you can be about successful and as a smart as Jk Rowling . and that is huge step to being the best 

Rule 4 : When you are as a successful and smart as Jk Rowling don't stop writing stores and reading and learning 

That's all the rules to becoming the best

thanks for reading 

The End

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