How The Stories Start

he told her a story

a whispered dream

as she listened with eyes shut tight.

His voice faded

to background noise

as the words themselves took flight,


She saw a princess

Through his eyes

a girl who knew not her power

and by her side

a silent knight

with her till her final hour.


she saw a world

of magic and joy

a world where there was no more pain

A world of laughter

a world of joy

Where tears were washed away by rain.


And slowly as

he spun his tale

She realised what the story meant

A princess

an a silent knight

This was them in pure content.


He knew the second

that she realised

The love he held for her in his heart

Her eyes opened

and her lips curved

And their lives took a new start.


Away from fear

away from hate

and the families that never did care

They upped and left

that night, silently

To a place, no one knew where.


But like a story

of true loves kiss

Their tale never did end

for it was whispered

down the paths

Mother to daughter, friend to friend.


But like the tales

of fairies and magic

The tales changed with time

and real turned

to fantasy

sometimes, just to fit in a rhyme...

The End

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