How the Other Half Lives

So still struggling to catch up... but I refuse to either have this become a hassle or just toss one off (more so than I already do)...
Anyway a topic that is of course getting too much coverage... but a point that doesn't seem to get mentioned often.

How the Other Half Lives

Yesterday on the radio

Yesterday on the TV

Today on the radio

Today on the TV

Tomorrow on the radio

Tomorrow on the TV

It's horrible and wrong

and it should never happen

and we feel ourselves wronged

nowhere near where it happened

and it doesn't take long

for facts to misshapen

thoughts that never belonged

make it all more misshapened

And the thing we forget

in our rage and regret

as we suffer and fret

and let

others tell us motives

is that there's a world beyond us

and as we fail to adjust

it's just

every day how the other half lives

The End

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