How the Goatee got its cool back

I know this girl who has a mind,

always engaged in thinking,

on problems, queries, musings strange,

and lots and lots of drinking.


So when she had a problem,

in that her chin was cooooold,

she dove into a solution,

of a slightly hairy mould...


Yep, she got a goatee!

It keeps her chin real toasty,

it's a napkin

on her lapkin,

storing bits of food as snacks,

and a set of small spice racks,

on which she keeps her thongs,

and sheet music for her songs,

it doubles as a brush,

and nest supplies for a thrush,

and a really neat disguise,

for the unsuspecting eyes :)


It's a multi-tasking, face-masking,

chin warmer an' causing trauma,

to the outdated moustache.


She can look like a detective,

and mutter hidden invectives,

not to mention it's just flash!


And that's why her goatee's awesome,

and there's talk in the House of Lords,

of adopting it as standard dress,

in the parlimentary wards :)

The End

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