How Simple It Is

Love this one XD

‘How simple it was to murder a man

I killed him and that was the end

I took aim and shot, he dropped down, could not

Stand back up again my dear friend.


‘I have no regrets for my horrible deed

He deserved some lead in his brain

All those things he had done, in the name of some fun

He will never do those things again’


‘But sir, don’t you think that murder is wrong

The taking of ones life a crime

Simple? Twas not! You took aim and shot

And cursed yourself for all time!


‘How simple it is to look at you now

And pass the sentence for death

I sit here and sigh as you utter a cry

As you suddenly go out of breath’


‘How simple it is to murder a man

At the end of the Hangman’s noose

Put the rope round his neck, then look round to check

That the knot in the end is not loose


How simple it is to take a man’s life

When you believe that you’re doing right

How simple to kill, when you know that you will

Not regret it when you lie there at night.

The End

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