how much I love you

What do you want?


The rain hasn't come yet, 

I know it will soon.  

It's eleven minutes after midnight, 

I know.

I hope you are warm, and sleeping, 

I wish you were awake, 

to fill my ache inside my soul with love.


I wrote you a note 

and say "I love you" and I want you to know 

I do.  

What do you want?


The storm is on the horizon,

the clouds have begun to brew.

It's eleven minutes after midnight, 

she sighs.

I think of her, and how much prettier she was than I,

I can logically answer the reason why,

But I love you...


You are the sweetest thing.  

You are gentle, 

you are kind, 

you are talented, 

you were mine.

Every time you grasped my hand, 

I felt like my fingers were slipping through sand.

In every hello was spun a goodbye.

and though I was lucky, we still have time, 

it's only a matter of time until it's all a lie.


I know in this midnight sadness 

you and me will fade and fall.  

You've moved on and met a sweet girl and I'm okay with it all, 

but not tonight.

Tonight, my eyes brim, red rimmed, 

spill over and weep.  

Weep for a fleeting dream I could not keep.

I won't say in ten years from now,

we will meet again and our hearts will be found,

because I can't cope with that kind of hope.  

All I know is, you made my life so complete,

that the idea of life without you,

makes me feel so empty.

If the world were mine, 

I wouldn't do this.  

I'd take you and we'd run, like forbidden lovers.  

We'd escape to our own solace, 

our secret world, 

but I know there's no sense in dreaming,

because when fiction turns to fact, 

I know in my heart you no longer think of me like that.

It's eleven minutes past midnight,

and I'm alone and full of strife,

and you're body is intertwined with her.

So I choose to take the high road,

and smile at you as I say hello,

but not tonight.

What do you want?


You'll never know how much I love you.

The End

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