how long does it take for the earth to rebel against the skies

we keep falling in and out of orbit

you push too far 
i pull too far

we're broken-stringed puppets
and you're becoming your own controller 
deftly manipulating your limbs while i limply 
stare blankly at the ceiling

nobody listens to us

you learned to just 
become louder 
become bigger 

people that fear you 
see you as mighty and towering 
will listen to you 

you learned this 

and i lagged behind
taught myself to become smaller 
the more they underestimate me the more they don't notice
when i manage to tug their strings into place

artificial gods were we

we were friends at least partly 
because when they didn't listen 
we snarled i will make them  

make them listen until their ears bleed
and our throats scream penance 

so you emanate gravity 
pull people into circles around you 
spread your hands out and bask in your place as the center

while i just 
spin in and out
wildly out of control 
no gravity of my own so i fake it 
push people into my chemical imbalance 

and now we're both 
in stubborn denial though we miss each other 
both physically and mentally 

a craving small and whining 
itching at the napes of our necks 
crying out, there are planets who will bend for you 
ones that will yield for you 
but all you ever needed were two against the stars. 

The End

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