How it should be

And I'm so afraid
But I shouldn't be
Because I know the one
I love
Has no love for me
And somehow that's
But it shouldn't be
And I'm sick
With desire
And despair and they
Assault me senselessly
And I have no idea what to do
What to make of the love that I hold
It's not broken
But it should be
I can't hang on to it
And I can't keep it
And I can't live with myself any longer
Because it burns
And every day I hide my pain behind a smile
Behind my simple backdrop, my front
And I know that keeping it away will
Hurt me but that's ok
Because I am used to the pain
And I know there is nothing for me to be had here
So I attempt
And succeed
At moving past all that I hold dear
And starting anew
And that's how it is now
How it should be

The End

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