how it feels loving you


are a startling summer rain,

teardrops from clouded eyes.

and you

are so sweet,

like the roses in full bloom in

your backyard,

their smell cloyingly sweet,

nothing like your subtle sugariness.

you make me smile

like a fool,

forget where i am,

and what i'm doing,

but you're worth it.

my friends

call me a lovesick fool,

and maybe i am,

but i know you are too.

because you

are the best thing

that's happened to me

in a long time,

and you make

this love feel right

in a way I never knew

it could be.

i'm ecstatic, 

amazed, astounded 

that someone like you

would fall for someone like me,

and we could make this work.

because loving you

feels like something


The End

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