You are quiet. Often bewildered.
That's what I wrote before,
And you saw it. You always wanted
To know the rest.

But I said I'd never show you.
Said you'd have to wait
Until I am gone, like I always

And then I realised.
You should know how I feel
About you. So I posted
This on here.

You. You're quiet but disarmingly
Attentive. You don't understand
But you soak it up for future

If there's something you don't get,
You hide it. And look it up later.
You learn new words and use them, proud
Of what you've learned.

Equations don't scare you,
In the way that they scare me.
Maths is fun; numbers great and so you
Can help me.

You don't let go of the rope I'm holding
But you can't support its weight.
Yet as a friend you're always there, doing
your very best.

You comforted me when grieving,
Wiped away my tears and still
You make me laugh and cry so
Much: mostly at you! 

The End

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