How I Feel Inside

So,this is the first poem i wrote online!
Hope you like it,took me a week to write and revise it..

All the promises you make to me
You never keep them and now I see
You say you'll call
Of course you don't
Spend a day with me
I know you won't
My hopes fly high
Excitement is there
But you passed me by without a care So once again, a night at home
I'm by myself and so alone
I yearn for your touch
To see you smile
It's an image that fades after awhile
But I still have the memories
Tucked deep in my heart
I won't let them go
With out them I know
I'll lose that last bit
Of your heart that I've kept
But of all those dark nights
When I've layed there and cryed
Sometimes I see that bit of light
For I dream of the day
That my last tear will fall
Since a promise you made me
Was kept after all.

The End

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