How Do You Tell Someone How You Feel?

A little rhyming poem from October 2015.

How do I say “I love you,”
With you name alight on my phone?
How do I say “I need you,”
When I’m sitting all day alone?
How do I say “I want you,”
If I’m too scarced to call?
How do I tell you everything,
When you don’t care at all?

You see, my darling, I’m terrified,
All of that’s gone before,
I’m scared the past will repeat itself,
If again I open that door.
I’m scared you’d laugh and judge me,
Because you don’t feel the same;
I try not to think about you,
For fear of kindling the flame.

So how do I tell you “I love you,”
Because I really wish I could,
How do I say what’s on my mind,
Because I really think I should.
I know that I should tell the truth,
Of what’s happening in my heart,
How do I say “I long for you,”
Where do I even start?”

The End

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