How do I forget you

Speaks of a guy who's in love with a girl that doesn't at present feel the same way.

Okay...I get it, you've made it clear to me that we will never be. There will never be a you and I but see, that's not the problem right now.

The problem is forgetting you. How do I forget you when you're all I think about day in and out, in and out of my head you go

I love you, why? Well I believe there is no reason for loving. We love because it is in our nature to love. We love because love is our creator

So...I love you because our creator chose you for me, but I guess our creator must have been crazy to choose you for me when he already chose somebody else for you.

And yes I know, I know I promised to leave you be but I think I've made it very clear that I'm not much of a promise keeper so, I'll leave this to you...

I'll try again to keep my promise but if I leave, HOW DO I FORGET YOU? 

The End

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