How did you get here?

onight i woke and felt as if my dreams had been unleashed
unmoving slept and woke and wept and wrestled with my sheet
til naked standing hot and sad i walked up to the sink
to glance and check reflection of a face i couldn't seek

tonight I felt from my subconscious scores of night things fled
and dove beneath my pillow and far beneath my bed
old friends, new friends, a lioness and creatures of the deep
wind swept star sensations had now begun to seek

me out to call me close to them, and chanting for true peace
which found a place inside of me, i thought I'd never see
again again they called to me, and then i heard the steps
moving all around me, until closer to me crept, a man.

i turned and found you, stranger, caressing my pale cheek
saw not your face, nor how you looked, but how i looked at thee
it bared my soul and stripped me clean and then surrounded me
with child like love, and music,dancing, and love poetry...

The End

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