how blue the sky does seem


how blue the sky does seem

just after a storm has come and gone,

the sky unveiled from behind the clouds

is bluer than it was before,

as if the storm had washed away the dust

that had gathered in the air

the dust that is left

from the scuffling of a tired-out day

as it made its way

through the dried out leaves of an october world.

my, how blue the sky does seem

when those mean gray clouds travel down the road,

to rage upon some other soul,

some other place,

leaving here this bequest,

the sky that takes on a bluer blue

than the blue it once did know,

a bright and bonnie blue, a clear and crystal blue,

like the pure, pure water of a mountain lake,

like the blues that bluebirds  sing  in sweet harmony,

as if lost in sheer veils of Virgin Mary blue,

the baby blue of innocence restored

of hope renewed,

this pretty, pretty watercolor blue,


this heaven's blue.



The End

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