How Beautiful...

I wander in gardens of raging green,
rainbows trapped in flowers bright
Then into fields of golden hue
and wooded dell at dawn of light

And alas mine eyes seek to glean
a beautiful lady, if I might
And she sits alone, as if on cue
in flowing gown of wintry white

She... my love, my soul-mate;
amidst falling leaves of orange and brown,
begins walking slowly upon valley floor,
gazing on Autumn without a sound

At peace is she, and she smiles in joy;
as the Sun rises through the trees
And I shall not interfere, no not at all,
but let her these moments seize

When she is full she will return
and I’ll be true and wait
With ears eager to hear her reflective views
on the wonders of Nature’s escape

But she returns without word, and only grins
as she hugs me, holding me tight
And I realized then she could never describe
what she beheld with fortunate sight

And oh, I think as we walk away
I might myself come back, as she
And learn with yearning heart, the truth...
of how beautiful this world can be

The End

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