"How Bayside Wrote Our Soundtrack"

This is actually something rather silly that I wrote one night that fans of the pop punk band BAYSIDE will appreciate. It was actually mostly accidental by reflecting on a bad situation but its a poem to a girl with Bayside song titles woven through out the stanzas.

I remember a year ago this day

Ear phones in, “Duality” on replay

Working on right through the cold

Wishing for your hand to hold


We swore it was the end

The day I broke, never thought to bend

You said we never will be, never have been

I said I’d throw the towel in


Yet here I am today

Still looking for the words to say

Daydreaming with work to do

Humming “Just enough to love you”


My memories fuel the fire

To the tune of “Devotion and Desire”

Being alone wasn’t quite so bad

When it was the only option I had


I’m fighting loneliness with wit,

denial, and replacements that never fit

Failing to keep my head up high

and to have faith in “I and I”

The End

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