i think i was thinking of something terrible when i wrote this. like war or murder of the Holocaust. I feel really sad when I think about all the horrendous things people do to each other.

How do we stay in control of ourselves

After watching the world’s greatest sin?

Do we hide our tears away on the highest shelves?

Or do we cry out loud – make a din?


Even the strongest people can cry

How can the tears be defied?

To kill without reason, torture and lie –

How can this be justified?


How do we stop ourselves giving the blame

To the evil one’s daughters and sons?

Surely they feel some remorse and some shame?

They don’t deserve it – it’s been done.

Yet how can one forget

Without a deep, sad regret?


Why did they do it?

I can’t understand.

How this was what a genius

Wanted done what he planned?

I can’t comprehend

This mighty evil fiend!


We have to control the madness inside

By living our lives as originally done

We cannot let chaos have a chance to reside

In our souls – so let’s have some fun

Remember it if you find some free time

And just let go a bit after reading this rhyme

The End

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