My river has run dry.

My snow flake is a duplicate.

My valley has crumbled.

My rain drop is without a cloud.

My wind has no leaves to rustle.

My path is without a destination.

My cave has no roof.

My ocean is without fish.

My galaxy has no stars.

My hope has no reason.


How can I drown, if my river has no water.

How can I be different, if my uniqueness is not my own.

How can I be me, if I have crumbled.

How can I prosper, if life has no blanket in the sky.

How can I inspire true awe, if I cannot make leaves sing.

How can I believe, if my road is lost.

How can I fight, if I have nothing.

How can I see, without light.

How can I hope, if none exists.......


The End

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