How hot the power of the sun seems in the midday heat.

How strange to have no moon at night .

Flowers open and close within a mere blink. Beauty gone in a second glance . What once stood proud and tall, became an old fragile bag of bones. Lain in a heap on the ground. Grave stones covered the landscape as bodys half rotten torn past the mud to breath the poisonous mist. Death hath come for me at last.

What a strange thought to die in a place known to many as a resting place, in which we can only be visters to our past loved ones.

When no moon is there to make the world look beautiful again.

Many bad things happen herer but not death. Drugs, drink, bullying. These thiongs would happen here, no one to hear of them. But not death. Death hath no right in a place to his worship.

Strange to have death come so close to retreat st the order of the doctor. Death has no master nut a waiting list. Every name ever given is upon that paper, date of birth, method. Never shall we know it. Doctors just extent our stay on earth, they cannot prevent the inevitable. Like a libary book has a date it must be in by. So do we. We have a date into which we must return to the earth once more. To be once again reborn as something new. They say that great warriors come back as war horses to help the new generation of warriors live through the horrible that they were to play their part in. What would you come back as?

Storys of immortals pass through our ears but to whoms interest? To thoughs who believe such things. who wish so hard for it to be reality. But it isn't, and it never will be. Sadness to thoose who dream in nightmares and find it fun. Thoose who believe the dreamcatchers to have real power in whichever world they be in. Dream, reality or sometimes their own made up world. Sorrow to those who wish to live in a time past. who spend their lives studing a certain era in time. Alexander the Great. JUlius Ceaser. A fairy tale is only real if you truly beleive.

Dreams pass through our head almost nightly some to remember, some to forever forget. To those people who dream even in the day and any other time; you are alone and alone i talk to you. To not wish your life into better things. Write about a life that includes the soul magic your heart seems to long for. Let it feel the heavy beast of the changew a werewolf has every full moon, or whenever they wish it. The raw exitment of a vampie and it's hunt. The loneliness a ghost has with no one to talk to. But remember for this is truly, that this is truly the hardest part.

It is all a dream.

The End

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