Unknown Form

Deepest red like a crimson rose,

Haunting green like a twilit fir,

Liquid jet like the pupil round,

mystic, waiting, there.


Boldest pink like magenta skies,

Grandest blue like a royal robe,

Pearly white like the shining moon,

beauty fine as stars.


Copper bright and sunny joy,

Sparkles in the setting sun,

Dusky violet witchy rays,

crystal chandeliers.


Stop one moment - is this true?

Is this magic really you?


Softest sighs of beating hearts

make quite romantic poetry,

and nothing really could compare

to what you bring to hollow lives.


I wonder, though - please pardon me -

for all your splendour, what’s your form?

No one knows; they call you this

and that and gold and bliss.

Snuggle down, I’ll hold you tight,

try to see you through the light.


But if I’m frank, I wonder this:

does it matter much to find you out?

Why ask myself what shape you take when

you’re the song that makes my day?

The End

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