Metal Snake

Thursday 16th June 2011

Currently there is an art exhibition of works produced by A-level students going on at my school. One of them is an arrangement of metal and ceramics and it kind of looks like a snake.



Metal snake, what has charmed you into lying so still?

Why won’t you care if heartless hands

tear from you your scales or tail? You are

surely not wanting to die?


Metal snake, why are you blue?

Are you a water beast

With your alternately shaded ceramics?

What are the teapot spouts

around your head?


Your tail is raised like a rattle snake’s, metal snake.

Does if ward off no ill-wishers,

poised but motionless?

Are you imprisoned

in this pose, perhaps?


Metal snake, oh, you intrigue me, metal snake.

What is your message, or should I learn from your silence?

The End

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