This poem was written on the 9th of June. It talks a bit about human nature, though mainly, I think, it's the exploration of the word paradox and my thoughts related to it.


How does a paradox work?

How can one feel

simultaneously weak and

immovable, strong?


How does a paradox work?

How is my core

like diamond, like steel, yet

formed of emotions so tender, so weak?


How does a paradox work?

How can we love

and love till the end yet

carry such hatred to

want someone’s death?


In any case, a paradox works.

We humans so clever have failed

to discover the peace for this warring world.


What is a human?

Caring, compassionate?

Or are we just fauna? Servants of


Are we a paradox?

Aren’t we a paradox?

The End

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