House of Drama

Drama, drama, drama,

Oozing from your every pore,

Spilling out the houses walls,

Seeping into the floors,

That I had once crawled,

A smaller, younger, innocent, me,

And sometimes I laugh, since you labeled ME the drama queen.

The label, echoes in my mind,

At every laugh, every cry, and every sigh,

Haunts my world, and drips into yours, to which is my drama,

You weep, yell, scream, whine,

And I want to scream " I GOT YA!"

All the lies you told me, to keep the past in the past,

Have speeded up, making itself present,

So all the questions I asked,

Have come back, traveling through time,

So you resent me,

Since my father was one of the many crimes,

On my record.

You show yourself so weak,

So I turn the other cheek,

But I know,

That YOU are in fact,

The drama queen.

The End

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