these were originaly lyrics , and they don't really look like they rhyme on paper , but if you say them out loud , they sorta do.. (: well , i was just thinking about the good ol' days .. when no one judged you , or hurt you . no one cared what you looked like , i reaally wish things were still that way . <3

Do you remember when we used to play house?

We played roles we knew nothing about

I was the mom and you were the dad

Imaginations, that's all we had

We loved to pretend we were all grown up

You had an imaginary tie and I wore make up

We had a big backyard for the kids to play

And a white picket fence so they couldn't run away

"House" was our favorite game

You came home from work everyday at the same time

And then the kids would run up to you and you'd hold them for awhile

We lived in a big yellow house with shutters painted white

Cause that's what we had imagined in real life

You said, "Well we can just pretend"

We thought we'd be forever friends

"House" was our favorite game

Growing up wasn't as easy as it had seemed

All the lies, always being judged, the insecurities

There was no such thing as secrets

Nothing to regret

But we're big and grown up now

So I guess secrets are allowed

I want to be able to love like a child loves

Cause having a big house just isn't enough

I want to go back to when you first said

"Let's play House"

The End

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