Hourglass, Hourglass.Mature

Focusing only on the future will discourage you and waste the time you have now. Time will never stop and wait.

Hourglass, hourglass.

You were flipped at my birth,

The time that you picked couldn't be worse.

I never wanted you to begin, now I have no choice.

You'll run out to the end, ignoring my voice.

Now days are passing by, you've yet once to slow down,

Whether I'm idle or I try, still by your speed I am bound.

Hourglass, hourglass.

I'm begging, pleading, screaming for you to stop!

How can I focus on the present, when I'm watching my future drop?

Every mistake I make, every lost grain makes it worse.

With my future at stake, you still drain without remorse.

Now years are passing by, you've yet once to slow down,

Oh the tears that I cry, to see my empty life in a mound.

Hourglass, hourglass.

I've been fighting you, I've been racing you, for oh so long.

I've tried hiding you, but I'm always facing you, every day, night, and dawn.

I give up, you can just run out my existence.

I can't live it up when you're so stuck in your persistence.

Yes, I could try to make the most of what's left,

But why fake a hope when I'm half way to death?

Now decades are passing by, you've yet to flow faster,

My sand grains are piling high, you won't let go of my disaster.

Hourglass, hourglass.

Damn you I say! Don't let me breathe through another dying day!

I would flip you over if I could, but I am too weak for your weight.

Instead I'll clench my fists and swing til you break.

Hourglass, hourglass.

You drain for me no more.

The life you had contained for me is now spread out across the floor.

You're shattered, I'm scattered, this was a life that never mattered.

I took it into my own hands to end whatever plans,

That might have been in the rest of your sand.

I close my eyes, I breathe my last,

As I slowly die and become the past.

Now centuries have passed by, yet still here remains this sandy mess.

People will just look and wonder why, my life was so badly depressed.......

Hourglass, hourglass.

Hourglass, hourglass.

The End

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