Hour Minute Second


The moment emotional mortality met eternal finality was the moment I knew I loved you. Tears fell from your sweet eyes, pooling between closed ruby lips, and dashing drips sparkled with diamond effect onto the same soft ground we stood. Together mourning I held you that evening with arms extending from my hearts shoulder where jewels from your face melted warm.

Your mother rests forever from you. Her life lasts inside memories of still life flashes, but mostly in your face.

My feelings are truer than pity, stronger than the might that crushes rock to sand and the entire beach of the world could not hold the weight of my love for you right now.

Breezes from the ocean broke your sobs with swirls of parting hair. I withdrew you from my coat and kissed you. My feet sunk deeper when I held your weight, as if hot feet imprinted the ice block vulnerable to the lover's ice pick. I chiseled at your grief but managed only to chip you further away from me, but was it my fault?

You escaped my side on the bench before the priest, running deleriously sad to where waves wed the sand, to where I followed. Nearly sputtering a proposal I tooth tucked it for my passion was leaking untimely so I dried your faucet eyes with compassion instead. The descending sun submerged our bodies in moonlight before we would leave for home.

From the knees down my pants were salty uncomfortable when the wind whipped the cotton into a wet casket around my shins. We stepped identical on the two mile walk home like robots of synchronized purpose until deadening our tracks you stopped me. Three words worry their way to my ears and I ponder the complexity of the last one.


"Don't do that,"  you said with an extenuating dipping chin. You knew how to cooly crush my poker face. Reacting first were my eyebrows following the tell-me-what-you-think-I'm-thinking bitten bottom lip. Emotionally exhausted, a half degree less than you, I spouted my neck firm in playful arrogance and asked, "What?"

You gave my mask of humor half credit by grinning, and then peeled it off slow.

"I'm suffocating for christ's sake," you responded in transparent hand form sent to grasp the skin connecting my cheek to neck. Your imagined fingers hovered hot as stove top heated needles; partially burning the fringe of fleshy patience that coated there.

"All I can do is be here for you. I can't read your mind... talk to me," I said. Instantly your voice arose shrill, "Must you forever be clomping feet as I , fine tooth combing my thoughts with a god damn mirror in your mouth, reflecting, refining my every pronunciation!" Misery turned on its company with your last breath, casting my ripped off face to the shoulder of the road, stirring with the trash. I felt no greater than litter.


I watched you turn while two sweat droplets hung in both paths of my eyes. Between you and sight the drunk driven car blurred through you. Red paint from the driver's side door shot into the water drops before my eyes. Ruby persperation tinted the world you left me. Longing to kiss your lips in heaven is a thought imbedded by the curse of color and light.

The End

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