Hour Glassed People of Sand

I'm saving this for a 'beat night' performance!


Chocolate context


Muscle flexed

In the mirror faced

Lost in text

Guiding with haste

Lighting paths

Biting down laughs



Electric like tasing

Empty like fasting

Tempting like flesh

Under covers

Wonder and guess

Gentle like lovers

Touch to confess

Their want to discover 

Comfort that's fondest

When with eachother

Mood changes


Complex wiring

On the lip of a kiss

Are high volatages firing

With teeth beneath

Ravenous for throats

Like lions on antelopes

Packs of wolves and smokes

And beings

Too rash

Being sand grains

Depleting in the hour glass

Seeing everything dropped

Time's up, abrubt, it stopped.

The End

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