Hot Lemon Tea

This is a feel good poem that I feel deep down into my soul. About how God really truly loves me, and is always kept me warm.

Goosebumps arises from my skin as I step out into the 4 degree weather. Not a coat or a glove is warm enough for me. In the back of my mind, I had the feeling that I was going to be shaking. In the world where frozen is the theme for the day, the hearts grown colder by the day. So my soul relies on the One. He melts my heart when the rest of the world grows cold. He warms my heart, and tells me to continue to do good, and not get tired of doing good. It was good for my soul to be encourage to not give up. It felt really good that someone who cared. It felt really good that He understands me, that he listens to me, and that he told me to pursue my dreams that he put onto my heart.

He covers me with his warm coat. He keeps me warm, and his love is even warmer. I give thanks to Him on a daily basis, and he touches my heart every time. He loves me and He cares about me. I guess you can say that God is my cup of Hot Lemon Tea.


The End

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