horror romantic

messing with format -- for my brother, mark

The demons you fear,

I’ve seen; The lies you wrought,

I became: the

sleeping willow trees, the empty houses,

the broken vases, the shattered windows,

the rusty nails, the rotting babies,

the wilting flowers, the bleeding roots,

the vile mothers, the lying fathers,

the hollow lovers, the dying rivers,

the shaking earth, the molten summers,

then falling ash, the shadow evenings,

and the bells.

bells, chiming at midnight and never at dawn, never at d a w n, n e v e r a t d a w n



                                                 – gasp



and the chains

rattling in the hall, just

behind my bedroom door

as I lay in bed, waiting




for the dawn



{it's all in your head




– W A K E U P}

The End

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