Wrap me in silk and silence
but drain the essence from my skin
and lay with me, a pale white entity
of something that used to live.

Mourners came and left with a sob or two,
the tears radiating like falling crystals
as the quietness stirred their depths
to something of a loss that was never real.

The world is crumbling around this box
in which I lay, falling and falling
through parallels that once were unknown
as I gazed upon them with blind eyes.

Flames spread quickly
and engulf a tragic beauty that has come to pass
as the satin goes up in smoke
to meet with the clouds in a sour grimace.

Is that whiteness a light I see?
Or is this a colourless land where I have settled
a home to horrors and laughter of malice,
where I belong, set in stone?

So I'll lay again with Horror
as he kisses his Lover's lips
with petals of winter that
suffocate my being.

The End

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