This piece is about my feelings about graduating from secondary school. I got the inspiration for this poem when I was looking back at a photo of myself in first years. I wondered, if I could go back in time and talk to my twelve year old self, what would I tell her?

It's a bitter sweet irony, only now seeing
the sea of support that surrounded you
all this time.

Kindly glinting glasses,
Sharp tongued wit,
Sunny smiles of warmth.
Friendships formed
right under your nose.

Stormy self-tormenting teenager.

Even when perched upon your pillars
of pride and paranoia,
you were never, really, alone.
Simply submerged in deception so deep,
you believed that inward insecurity
and outer image,
were transparent and one in the same.

How can I explain this voyage,
to an anxious, ance ridden twelve year old?
The twists and torments of an adolescent dreamer,
The milestone moments that defined the course
of who and what you are.
Necessary challenges to carve
an amateur adult.

Now that you're reaching,
the ending you've endeavoured towards,
you clench your compass:
Dreading the anticipated departure
of familiar, familial,
years' long love.

Afraid of the unknown, yet knowing
that all those strands of success and sorrow
haven woven
this final farewell;
as a new ship sails
into uncharted waters.

The End

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