hoping for some hope

Caught between this world and another.

A breath in, a breath out.

Reaching for something I know I won't achieve.

But I might as well try.


Its a giant, beautifully wrapped present that nobody can achieve.

Striving so hard but falling short so low.

We are our worst critics.

If only I had done better. If only I had behaved differently. 

If only's lead from one thing to another.

The once smiling girl, with a lilting step and dancing eyes.


Her blue eyes tell the story of the death of the deepest oceans.

Deepest emotions. 

Hidden away. 

Never to be seen again.

Cries in the night.

Soft whispers to the darkness. 

Demanding nothing, accepting everything.

All the lies they have told her. 

She's tired. She's done.

She aimlessly trudges on, nothing to fight for.

Others fight for her, but she will have none of it.

She is strong.

She is perfect.

The broken heart behind the beautiful face.

The End

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