Hopelessly Lost

My feelings when some drama happened in my life with an ex and some backstabbing friends.

How is it that I feel so alone in tis world

My hatred of life sparked at the evils been hurled

In my life. It seems happiness has met

Its enemy, but forced partner here.

I have so many friends, but still live in fear

And paranioa, because nothing is forever.

Everyone and everything comes together

Just to be snapped in two, and for us to drown in our tears.

I feel like a hypocrite, to think happiness was here

To stay, when I know that the bad

Overcomes the good, when darkness had

swallowed and choked the life in me.

All things die, and I don't know why it has to be.

Why do I always need to cover all

Of my sadness, when I know I'm going to fall?

Why does it feel as if no one can help me?

The End

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