Hope Remains

its a poem(:


In the eye of the storm,

In the seconds after upheaval,

In the moments when silence reigns

And his sister rage is put to rest,

This is where hope survives.


Always comforting us,

Even when we didn’t know it

Always holding our hands,

Even when we tried to push it away

Always keeping us going,

Even when we were sure it was our own strength

Always touching our hearts,

Even when we thought we didn’t need it.

Hope has always been.


In the child’s laughter after a brush with death,

In the clouds disappearing to flaunt a brilliant blue sky,

In the rainbow’s ever-evident promise glittering across the heavens,

That is where Hope endures.


In the shelter of the chapel,

A Prayer, A Song, A Friend,

In the remains of destruction,

A Survivor, A Home, A Chance To Live Again,

 While tumult may overtake the earth for now,

Tomorrow is where hope becomes today.

This is where hope remains.




The End

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