Hope is Lying

Don't you love this feeling?

What feeling?

Exactly.  Being empty. . . so refreshing.

None of those. . . . ugh, annoying, pesky, feelings.  

Maybe now, that he's hurt you, we can be empty again, and not just numb, for the time being.


Admit it, say it, empty.  You want to be empty.

Do I want to be empty?

Why not want to be empty?  No hurting, not like this.

No happiness, no anything, no bliss.

Shh, now, you fool.  Don't be so. . . hopeful.

I'm not hopeful.

Oh please.  It is your downfall.  You can't help but hope, a little, you pathetic little child.

I am no child.  I do not hope, it is against me.  Hope is falling, it's fleeting.

It's lying.

This I know, I know.  But your lesson is never learned, you hopeful little soul.

To break you entirely. . . . Mmm.  Now that, is our new goal.

The End

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