I'm confused, so confused,
I don't know what to think, where to turn
My facts suddenly turn into illusions
And the ground under my feet is 
Falling away; it crumbles
And my entire world is shifting.

I thought I knew you
It turns out I was wrong.
Even worse, I thought I knew myself;
I'm not so sure anymore.
I'm finding new chambers in my heart
That were unopened, unnoticed.

My heart just refuses to listen to me
The way I feel is just too strong
Caution and responsibility are thrown to the winds
I believe, I trust in everything;
In you.
In us.
In life.
Yet, the harsh reality is that
My trust has been misplaced.

All i can do now
Is wish;
Wish that what they say is true,
And that after a storm
Comes a calm.

The End

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