An amalgam of thoughts, lost in the whirlwind of time,
Questions swirl inside me, a turmoil of conflicting emotions,
Doubts plaguing my mind, as I scream inwardly, "Why? Why?"

 An anti-renaissance occurs, nestled in the comfort of my thoughts,
Sorrow becomes material, confusion sublimates,
In this world of obscurity.

 Sinking feelings, sinking thoughts,
Freeing them in a torrent of tears,
Finding comfort in their never-ending forest of misery.

 Distrust and disbelief become the norm,
Laughter vanishes, only to be replaced by
Pain and insecurity.

 Yet, in the midst of this,
A ray of light.
A sparking hope.
Since, always,
Following a storm,
Is a calm.


The End

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